After The Weekend

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 W hat happens after the weekend?

There are three opportunities following the Weekend itself.

  1. Roughly 2-3 weeks after the Weekend, there is an optional two hour session in which key concepts of the Weekend are reviewed and several new communication tools introduced and taught.
  2. Several weeks thereafter, couples are given an opportunity to participate in four sessions, roughly 2-3 weeks apart, which together form a “bridge” between the concepts taught on the Weekend and the challenges of day to day life. These four sessions taken together are entitled “Bridging” and many couples have found these four sessions to be as valuable, or in some cases more valuable, than the Weekend itself.
  3. In some areas there is an opportunity to meet with other couples who have attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend once a month for encouragement and on-going practice of the communication skills taught on the Weekend. These optional monthly get-togethers of roughly two hours duration give couples another opportunity to practice what was learned on the original Weekend.

Another option towards understanding what can happen after your Weekend, check out After Your Weekend.

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