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This page is for couples who have already ” Encountered” or experienced a Marriage Encounter weekend together!  Couples are encouraged to share their thoughts and comments after reflecting on their experiences during their “Encounter Weekend”!

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Vincent & Kristin Buonaccorsi – San Diego, California (United States)

The first thing I realized was that I needed to tell Kristin that I love her, more often. I was shocked to find out how lonely she can feel, because I have always felt so close to her. Through ME our love has flowed right through her and we are now rays of sun, brilliant and piercing. We have always treasured our nation of two. We could not believe as the overwhelming presence of God flooded over us when our supporting couples came in singing that song. We were part of a community for the very first time. It was as if God reached out his hand and carried us away from all our doubts and fears. ME is love at first sight. We have never experienced anything so beautiful. As with our love, it is everything we never knew we always wanted.

Randy & Patti – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States)

We made our weekend almost 5 years ago, The greatest gift 2 people could ever give each other. Randy never completed his sacraments but on the weekend he made his first reconciliation and that following Easter He completed his sacraments. Tell me the Lord moves in mysterious ways. I can’t thank Him enough. Our lives have never been the same. Our family grew with the addition of our ever faithful community and our new found Love, Randy, never wanted to go on the weekend, But now is the first to volunteer to give pulpit talks or do some sort of recruitment effort. Thank you Marriage Encounter for making my good marriage GREAT!!

Ed & Tracy Vicknair – Houston, Texas (United States)

It is Sunday night we are shutting down for the weekend. What an exhausting yet invigorating weekend. My wife and I enjoyed our ride home so much. I now know how she feels about so many things. Today is the end of our weekend but the beginning of the rest of our marriage. We are so pleased we went this weekend. We were skeptical at first but the walls came crashing down and the emotions flowed. I’m not sure I will have enough energy to go in to the office tomorrow. The weekend was that good!

Kevin & Joan Ankrom – Boise, Idaho (United States)

Kevin and I recently attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend and I must say first of all that I am glad that I listened to God calling me to fill out the form to attend the weekend. After 21 years of marriage, Marriage Encounter has been another blessing in our life together. I believe this ministry is a valuable resource for married couples. The information and knowledge that Marriage Encounter provides is another tool that God leaves laying in our paths on our daily faith walks in life. Being aware and taking the time to reach for that tool is another wonderful opportunity and gift from the love of God. I encourage all couples to reach out hand in hand, together, for the gift that God has left for you.

Teri & Bill Banks – Hamilton Square, New Jersey (United States)

We made our weekend in September, 2004. Those were the most amazing days of our married life! I knew our marriage was strong, but I never really knew just how strong it was. The words spoken there felt as if they were directly being spoken to us. Each couple that spoke seemed to have more and more in common with us. It was very powerful to be surrounded by couples wanting to work on their marriage.We prayed with the priest attending our weekend for a miracle to come home with us, to remain in our lives and hearts and our marriage. Early in our marriage we tried for two years to have our first child, who is now 18 months old. We had to go a medical route to even conceive, with no reason for us not being able to conceive prior to that. After having her, we said if it was meant to be, it would happen in God’s time. Watch what we pray for… we got pregnant and are having a Marriage Encounter Baby! God Bless you Marriage Encounter.




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